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Biomass - Back to Classic Heating with New Additions

At Solar Power GB we are offering new and advancing technology, which could help you save energy. This technology is based on the use of Biomass as an energy source.

Biomass is already a well-used source of fuel for some people, using wood stoves at home and in the workplace. However it is due to recent developments in technology that we can begin to use this sustainable energy source more frequently.

This biomass system can be manipulated to load share with gas or oil systems for prime performance. It can also be used as an individual boiler. Once installed the potential benefits you will encounter are:

•Savings on your energy bills
•A reduced carbon footprint for your property
•Inclusion in government Schemes
•More reliable energy systems
•Low maintenance

Solar Power GB propose top of the range biomass heating appliances and components, which our technological experts have ensured take full advantage of these proposed benefits.

In some circumstances, planning permission may be required where a new flue is installed through a roof. In which case, we offer a fixed price planning service.

We also offer advice on the Clean Air Act, which is a requirement in some areas. Our equipment is most appropriate for buildings with existing radiator systems as they have been designed to run along the same temperature guides. Our equipment is also suitable for customers who use under floor heating in their buildings.


If you are interested in Biomass for your home or office, call Solar Power GB on 0800 7555 317 or send us an email


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