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Thermal Solar

Thermal Solar - Your hot water heating, powered by the Sun

You may have become a little more conscious about turning on your hot water heating as you hear more about the effect on the environment and the rising cost of fuel. 

Whilst being more economic with your heating use is one thing, improving your conventional heating system will go much further in saving you money and the planet. 

Solar thermal uses the free and renewable energy of the sun to heat your water.  A solar thermal system cannot fully replace your boiler or immersion heater, but it drastically reduces their use – by at least 65% according to manufacturers claims. 

Solar panels placed on the roof, called collectors, are heated by the sun's radiation.  The heat is transferred to your hot water via a liquid.   

This means: 

  • Your boiler is on for less time extending it's life
  • You use less fossil fuels which cause global warming
  • It saves you a fair few pennies in the process!

Your solar thermal system will be more efficient when it's warmer and less efficient in the winter, but it only has to be light for it to work; the sun doesn’t need to be shining. 

Your system can be designed and installed specially for your home or business premises by Solar Power GB.

Remember, only approved systems installed by MCS accredited companies like Solar Power GB Ltd are able to apply to receive the tariffs.

Solar Power GB has a number of systems to best meet your needs, and has pioneered a leading edge solar system that does not rely at all on grid electricity.

You can save even further by using a household economiser for maximum heating efficiency. 


If you want to save on your heating bills, call Solar Power GB now on 0800 7555 317.


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